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批踢踢實業坊 Browsers 板: [-Fx-] firefox 45.0 Released(包含x64)

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[-Fx-] firefox 45.0 Released(包含x64)
Mar 9th 2016, 00:34

作者rick (可惜沒如果)
標題[-Fx-] firefox 45.0 Released(包含x64)
時間Wed Mar 9 08:17:56 2016
官方版本46.0預計在 2016年4月19日 更新 更新日誌 new: Instant browser tab sharing through Hello Tabs synced via Firefox Accounts from other devices are now shown in dropdown area of Awesome Bar when searching Synced Tabs button in button bar Introduce a new preference (network.dns.blockDotOnion) to allow blocking .onion at the DNS level Guarani [gn] locale added fixed: URLs containing a Unicode-format Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) are now properly redirected Various security fixes changed: Tab Groups (Panorama) feature removed developer: Ability to filter snapshot output in memory tool Fine tune animations by changing the playback rate of animations in the animation-inspector's timeline DOMContentLoaded and load events shown in the network monitor timeline Added Negative url filtering for the network monitor Support for diffing heap snapshots added to the memory tool Inspector search now matches results from all content in the page, including subframes List of animated properties and keyframes is now displayed when clicking on an animation in the animation-inspector's timeline html5: Push API support, part of Progressive Web Applications Support delivery of a Content Security Policy (CSP) via a meta tag Web Speech synthesis API ES6 Classes unresolved: On-screen keyboard support was temporarily turned off for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 官方載點: 另一個載點: Mozilla的FTP伺服器: 可以手動【說明】->【關於Firefox】 更新 -- 永★███ █ ████ █☆★█ █★☆★☆★☆★◢█◣◢█◣☆★☆★☆★☆ 遠☆█ █★█ █ █★☆█ █☆★◣★☆★☆██████★☆★ ◣ ☆★ 的★███ █☆█ █ ██★█ █★☆ 記得第一次直視那雙笑眼的悸動嗎◣ ☆ 女☆█ █★█ █ █★☆███ █☆★◤★☆★☆★◥██◤☆★☆★☆★☆★ 神★███ █ ████ █☆★☆★☆ █★☆★☆★☆★☆★◥◤☆★Ψwilliam803☆ -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(, 來自: ※ 文章網址:

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